Fourth Month

This spell of your journey seems to be more relaxing, because in your body, now all hormonal movements slow down a bit; giving you a break off your long distress and disquiet.

Your baby now starts sucking & swallowing, which may involve sucking his/her own thumb too.

Changes in you

By this time, pregnancy hormones are now found with their little actions. That means now a great relief with no frequent urination, less nausea/vomiting and decreased weakness. You may get into constipation due to your uterus pressing over the intestines. To overcome, make certain your diet is rich in fibres and green, leafy vegetables.

Developments in your little one
  • The baby now weighs 100g and is approximately 16cm in length.
  • Eyebrows with eyelashes are promptly evident.
  • As the neck length extends, the head raises from the body.
  • Permanent teeth buds begin to develop.
  • Intestines shifts to abdomen from umbilical cord.
  • The baby now starts producing urine.

Fifth Month

Are the happiest moments not only for mothers but also for fathers as your kids now actually give external movements, which his father feels very closely feeling their kicks & listening to them. He/she is now alive!

Changes in you

Your stomach may have some tenderness with your belly button jutted out as the uterus is now at your navel. The line between your navel and pubic hair goes blackened. Do not panic, it would disappear after delivery.

Now baby is felt increasingly with more movements. Right time to schedule the ultrasound scans, as it now verifies foetal’s age.

The little baby may now start sensing his surroundings. Thus, make sure you do not allow anything annoying around him/her. Feeding your baby’s senses with quality moments is as similar as feeding him with a nutritious food.
  • The baby is now of a size as much as 300g in weight and about 25cm in length.
  • Skin develops fine hair and a smooth substance known as Vernix Caseosa.
  • Scalp visibly gets prominent hair.
  • Fingernails get completely grown.
  • Baby now begins seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting.

Sixth Month

The baby now grows with startlingly quick progress. You can feel his trembles with him coughing and hiccupping at all.

Changes in you

Your uterus now protrudes approx. 1.5-2 inches above the navel. You may have your doctor performing a Glucose Tolerance Test to prevent the gestational diabetes caused by all your strains during pregnancy. Again, there are little concerns, as it would go diminished with time after pregnancy.

Your baby is now more definite with its identity.
  • The baby now weighs around 600g and is around 30cm in length.
  • The eyebrows and eyelashes become very evident.
  • Fat deposition is now apparent underneath the skin.
  • Baby will now have solid bone formation.
  • In baby girls, the ovary promptly begins producing eggs.