Seventh Month

Hope, if everything is okay and baby is alive with all his healthy movements, he/she is now ready to run and jump. With baby’s overall position changing ability, chances are raised that foetal’s positions would frequently be varied.

His movements are so strong that due to which your feet, hands and ankles may swell from a prolonged standing position.

Changes in you

Your uterus now projects as much as 3inches above your navel. Your diet should be rich enough, accommodating your baby’s diet too, because by this time you would have put on a lot of weight. Hence, for a while, be not panic for your figure; later after pregnancy, you could very well get back into shape. At the same time, make sure you eat not in access. Consequently, you may suffer from backache owing to an increased abdominal size & body weight.

Your little one’s visual sense now becomes very clear
  • The baby is now weighing around 1000g and is approximately 35cm in length.
  • The skin is now red with all fine hair vanished from the face.
  • Baby’s eyes can react to light changes with an ability to open and close them.
  • The baby can listen to sounds nearby you.
  • The baby enjoys sucking his/her thumb.

Eighth Month

The baby puts on weighing nearly 20g every day. Body growth has its farthest capacity. Yesterday’s little foetus now is today’s person, who can think and understand things around him.

With growing weight, you may have much & more back pain; do not worry, relax! Go for routine exercises prescribed by your doctor to alleviate such issues.

Changes in you

At this point, you may have scheduled your doctor visits every two weeks. With your uterus now being in size of about 5inches around navel, you may feel pressure on your organs with heartburn, constipation and indigestion. Intake of plenty of water and fibrous diet causes relief in such cases. Consume food in abundance but in a partially divided dietary plan, which would for sure lessen heartburn and gastritis.

Accelerated development in your little one
  • The baby’s weight now is approximately 1800g with length of around 40cm.
  • The baby is able to regulate his/her own body temperature.
  • With developing taste buds, the baby can now sense sweet & sour tastes.
  • Wonderful brain growth is evident.

Ninth Month

The last destination of your journey, full of hope & joy – more responsibilities as well with this final month’s challenges needing much care for you and your baby.

Your breast re-sizes in fullness with milk (lactation) production for your kid to feed!

Changes in you

With your pregnancy just a month away now, you probably may be visiting your doctor at least once a week. Your totally gained weight will stay around 10-12kg. You may find things awkward in handling & become more restless as this month. The pelvis will get much stretched for labour. Due to an enlarged belly, you may also find trouble sleeping at nights.

Hormonal secretion from the placenta contributes in milk production. However, it will not fully function unless your baby’s birth.

Your baby is now all set to enter the world
  • The baby should weigh in excess of 2200g and be ideally 45cm in length.
  • The baby’s lungs are now fully functional.
  • Your baby retains his own sleeping patterns.
  • The baby now starts making a way out for delivery – assumes the posture
Delay in delivery

Although this week appears certainly longer, remember you are not post due until 42 weeks yet.

Few weeks more

Child development
  • The baby averagely weighs now 2.5 – 3kg and is around 20inches in length.
  • The cheesy material from his body disappears.
  • The baby may keep adding an ounce a day now.
  • The border of the head and baby’s belly are similar in size.
Changes in you

You may feel irregular and painful false labour contractions within back, lower abdomen or pelvis.

True labour contractions usually begin at upper part of the uterus, gradually moving all over the uterus through your lower back and then in the pelvis. True labour may go stronger & sharper with pain even with all your body postures.

As a very first sign of labour, there may be a sensation with your baby staying deep down into the pelvis. It is more often referred to as lightening. A thick white blood marked discharge is now a sign.

Make sure your baby’s due date is all estimation and each baby has its own specific time for birth. So please do not ever hurry unduly. Just relax and stay encouraging. Think of things you most love, beautiful colours, good sharing and finally prepare your way for – a pretty, precious new existence!