First Month

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An inexistent life goes alive as human being from a single cell as an effect of the father’s sperm fertilizing with the mother’s egg.

This beautiful moment further touches to an enhancement towards a fully-grown life throughout your most memorable journey for both the kid and mom as well!

How it starts
  • An ovum (egg) freed from the mother’s ovary unites the father’s sperm in the fallopian tube, the place where fertilization takes place.
  • Fertilized ovum, often called zygote, reaches the uterine cavity 5-7 days later, the place of implantation.
  • Zygote is of a minute pinhead size that entirely is rooted in uterine cavity.
  • Uterine cavity starts to be filled with amniotic fluid now.

Now is the time where you may feel a lot more changes (pleasant changes, of course) with a bit of uncomfortability – but no worry, very soon you will adapt to it & start respecting such genesis.

Changes in you

Within a week or more, you may expect that your period does not come if you really have planned your pregnancy. At this time, more of your pregnancy symptoms would be similar to those you experience before period, which may include exhaustion, breast pain and abrupt mood changes. Go for a pregnancy test if you think your periods went missed.

The Second Month

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The second month, you will have much distinct feelings about yourself with all your inner changes being more prominent, because at these moments your body now starts responding to a new life developing within.

Chances of an embryo moving inside are now evident although you cannot feel them.

Changes in you

Hormonal changes during pregnancy make your breast grown and developed with some tenderness and pain. Your morning restlessness may be a sign of the same. You will notice more vaginal secretion, which in fact keeps the vaginal canal clean & away from infection. Again, mood swings may catch you in as a common symptom.

Since you feel changes, so does a new life within you.
  • All chief structures like heart, kidneys, brain, liver and spine go through development.
  • Bones and muscles now start growing.
  • Eyes, nose, ears and mouth are developed.
  • The limb buds emerge, toe rays grow and the elbows develop.
  • Now with the 8th week ending, embryo is finally identified as human.

Third Month

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On your way with your baby, now he/she will have some tremendous changes of unusual & unpleasant nature.

Acknowledging yourself with proper hands-on knowledge makes you aware of what is happening and how to cope up with it.

Changes in you
  • You may wake up with unease feeling angry, agitated or rundown. Do not worry; it may subside within a short period. Relax and do not ever let this stress come over you. Furthermore, your skin may also go distended for a little time.
  • The heart will have rapidly pumped up blood within, and following it, you may find some protruding veins on your breast, belly and legs.
  • At this point, your baby begins with breathing movements.
Changes in your little one
  • Baby now weighs around 20g and is nearly 9cm long.
  • Foetus has now his eyes open& the nails, external ears and upper lips shaped.
  • The intestines are produced out of baby, as its body is too little to accommodate it in.
  • The external genitalia start separating.
  • The breathing movements now begin.